Election 09 – India maturing?

I voted for the 2nd time in my life!

So, Big Deal, I went and voted – a few days ago. Wasn’t as difficult as I assumed it to be. It took about 30 mins to look for my EPIC Number on the internet and I’ve kept it for my reference in future – went to my favorite party’s booth – some 500 meters before the polling booth to confirm the details that I had and they even gave more details of the rest of us. On to a government girl’s school – probably occupying more area and airy than many of the private (public?) schools. It did not take more than 20 mins beyond that point and we were back in the car.

I indeed felt very good after all three of us – mother, wife and me – exercised the only right that we had! I shouldn’t forget the right to pay taxes.

Lo and behold – today we had the results pouring in and the party we backed won. We live in a funny situation and funny things are happening – the newest thing to happen is this result. The media and party have gone crazy. That’s nothing new. But there’ll be a day when they’ll be put straight also. I guess the time has come or at least the writing is on the wall.

So what did India vote for? Stability? Future? so called “Indian Dynasty” – “Rahul” factor? Youth Power? Pigeon$hit. Today, the TV screens are crying about all this BUT I believe, that’s an optimistic turn the Congress and the media had taken to. I read in Economist which said – Indians seem to have forgotten the 26/11 attacks – are wary of reforms even in the fatter days – lots of such statements.

But I’d gone, and I believe many Indians have gone – we saw a 2% increase in the turnout in spite of the heat – which I believe is a result of a few percentage down on the ones who were regular and more of those who never had gone. Because, we’re scared, I am scared – I don’t want to die off the bullet from a gun of a radical idiot, who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.I don’t want to die while I’m in the office – working to turn my dreams come true. Or while I’m relaxing at home or spending some good time with my family in a restaurant. I think there are many better ways to pass away! So, whoever you are, trying to state that we’d forgotten 26/11 – please shut up. We elected a better piece and with a capacity to take decisions without much hindrance.

Indians have also known or at least I know – that they’ll never ever have a prime minister like what we can have in Dr. Singh – Nobody will be as qualified, intellectual, unassuming and cool headed individual. There’s a huge cry about “Rahul Gandhi” and the youth and lot of bull$hit. Let’s not forget, it was Dr. Singh who did the dirty work when Rajiv became the prime minister – years ago. Unfortunately, the media or the party or whoever JUST doesn’t want to give that credit to him. And, here’s the gentleman, comes to the press conference and gives the credit to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi – Amazing! Can you believe it? I really don’t know that if at all he has any vested interest in becoming a prime minister of this country. Even rocket scientists know it’s not easy.

At the end of the day, the funny part is – good things are happening. The media can only continue to bull$hit as long as we let them to. But the twenty percent of info is a required stuff, so let’s take the 80% beating.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who voted this time – doesn’t matter which party you voted for. Sincerely, I didn’t care who this “Meena” was to whom I voted. Today, I read the papers in which he said, he’s a youth and he’ll work for the youth – another funny thing. Doesn’t matter. At least we thought about a bigger cause – we’re maturing.

Author: Ram

geek passionate about music and photos

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