Cardiologist Home

A month ago, I had to visit my cardiologist. It had been a long time almost a year since I visited him. Thanks to Fuhrman like diet style, I could drop off all of the prescriptions. But recent upheavals at the office and the construction related mental state got my hypertension pumped up. So, quickly I realized that he’s shifted his home and the new home was right behind our office. My wife accompanied me and while we were waiting – amidst socks stink – we admired the brick clad which she wanted for our facade. She decided she’ll ask him about it when we meet him.

There we went, he examined and said that I have to get back on my medicines, I agreed half-heartedly. My wife and I did not forget to congratulate him for the very beautiful new home which made him happy. And when we promptedly asked him about the brick cladding, he said ‘Well, I got this constructed home. Do you think I’ll have time to do all this?’. Ha, I realized one point. Even if you do have time, get a constructed home. Or else, you could be frequenting a cardiologist home. 🙂

Everything is back to normal state now. Very soon, in a couple of months, we would be done this all the construction hassles and the near and dear ones would come and ask – ‘Where did you get this done from?’ – let’s see how it goes!

Author: Ram

geek passionate about music and photos

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