Red Eye Shots

Do you recall the red-eye shot add-on at Cafe Coffee Day? It added an oomph to that bland Cappuccino. They don’t do them any longer. Or they call it differently. Anyways, that’s where the title comes from. Now that I had a few pictures – of truly red eyes, I thought I would get them here in one place so I can come back and check them out.

_MG_0264-coucal-red-eye-shotThe coucal is the most recent one that I got. It was sitting in a shadow and had some direct sunlight coming to select areas. I fired a few shots just as it turned and is a red-eye-shot.

Presented here is a Greater Coucal a.k.a Southern Coucal – May 8 2013

_MG_4618-asial-koel-maleThe Asian Koel is known for stealing eggs? Not really sure but the male birds do have a great red eyes contrasting to their black color.

During April 2013, we had a few in the neighborhood.

20130108-Green Bee Eater - Red Eye ShotThis is from my first few sample shots that I did using the Sigma 150-500 lens. And first ever chance to see the different insight into eyes. Unless you have your own stuff, you never get to zoom so much to see.

Green Bee Eater, Jan 2013

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